The Philadelphia Carmelites

carmel of jesus, mary, joseph, and anne


Regular Schedule Changes

Ordinarily, Holy Mass will be at 7:00 am Sunday through Friday. Mass on Saturdays will be at 8:00 am. Please note that the Saturday Mass will be said using the Ordinary Form (Novus Ordo Missæ).

On Friday, April 23, 2021, Holy Mass (EF) will be at 8:00 am.

COVID-19 Guidelines

Everyone except those two years of age or younger is strongly encouraged to wear a face covering or mask.

Members of the same household such as families do not need to observe social distancing.

Social distancing shall be observed between members of different households. 


For Donations to the Carmelite Monastery of Philadelphia: 

Please make the checks payable to: Philadelphia Carmelites
and mail it to the attention of:

Mother Prioress at
Carmel of Jesus, Mary, Joseph & Anne
1400 66th Ave.
Philadelphia, PA 19126.

May God Reward You.

Our Story

Praised Be Jesus Christ!

Welcome to the birthplace of devotion to St. Therese in the United States!

The Carmelite Monastery in Philadelphia was founded in 1902, less than five years after St. Therese died.  Three young women from Philadelphia had entered the Boston Carmel, and, in 1902, they returned to Philadelphia with two nuns from the Boston Carmel to establish a Carmelite Monastery in Philadelphia.  


Masses are celebrated by priests of the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) and the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. Masses on Sunday through Friday are said in the Extraordinary Form whereas Holy Mass on Saturday is said in the Ordinary Form. 

Please note that public Masses may be canceled at any time without prior warning due to circumstances beyond our control.


Sundays and Weekdays:  7 am
Saturdays: 8 am

Sunday Mass is sung.
Please note the schedule changes listed above.


1400 66th Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19126

Alternate Times for the Extraordinary Form (Traditional Latin Mass)

are available at St. Mary Catholic Church, which is 7 miles away.


There is free parking in the lot on 66th Street.


The nuns are cloistered and therefore do not use technology, but the chaplain and a small group of volunteers may be able to answer your inquiry. For vocational information and prayer requests, please write directly to the address listed above.

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Historical Archives

Dougherty 8 Dec 1914

Written in the Phillipines, Culasi, Antique Province   OBISPADO DE JARO-ILOILO. Islas Filipinas   Culasi, Antique Province, 8 Dec. 1914.   Rev. and dear Mother Beatrix:   The last time I wrote you I was on a diocesan...

Sister Agnes of Jesus to Philadelphia January 4, 1906

J.M.+ J.T.                                           Carmel of Lisieux January 4, 1906   Jesus   My Reverend and dear Mother1,   Have you received the mementos of our dear little sister in heaven2?  Was the package wrapped securely?  Was anything lost? ...