NB: date is a guestimate

Dear Sister Ignatius,

I have no time today to write a letter but I want to warn you that, by mistake, 25 each poem leaflets nos. 4, 10, 11, have been sent in French.  As you can’t dispose of these, I suppose you may send them to Mr. Joseph Gayer, 2130, rue St. Urbain, Montreal, Canada and charge us for the postage on same.  Relics will be forwarded in a couple of days.  I presumed you wanted the paper sachets.  Was I right?

If any goods are injured, please always tell us, sometimes it may be only the fault of the P. Office but it may be also due to bad wrapping, and we must know in order to warn the packers.  We notified Burns of dates about the last lot of Soeur Thérèse sent to you.