Note written on-board the S.S. “Claudio Lopez”, on the Indian Ocean.  Mentions Cardinal Dougherty’s work in Rome to canonize the Little Flower.

SS. “Clau dio Lopez,” Indian Ocean,

31 Dec. 1913.


Rev. dear Mother:


When I reached Rome I called on the Carmelite Friar, Father Rodrigo, who is the Postulator for the cause of the Little Flower, and told him how, on the occasion of my first visit to your Convent, I was asked by the lay portress if I knew of the Little Flower, this being the first I heard of her; how I then determined to place my collection under her patronage; and my conviction that it is to her I owe its extraordinary success.


Father Rodrigo requested me to tell this to Our Holy Father when I should get my private audience with him. Accordingly, as soon as I saw the Pope, I told him all the details. He listened with his eyes wide-opened and a smile on his face. When I was finished, he said in Latin: “Gratulor tibi; in tua dioecesi, intercedente Sancta Teresia, uberiores fructus percipies.” What struck me was his styling her already “sancta.


Later on I related the foregoing to Father Rodrigo; then, accompanied by him I called on Card. Gotti and told him both what I had said to the Pope and his reply. The Cardinal laughed with pleasure; and Father Rodrigo rubbed his hands with delight.


This I send to you as a secret for yourself and Community.


When I was in Rome I delivered to Father Rodrigo a letter addressed to the Pope, asking for the canonization of the Little Flower, as you requested me to do.


I regret to say that I have not received as yet, from the Little Flower, a double favor, one spiritual, the other corporal, which I have earnestly besought of her, and for which I made my pilgrimage to Lisieux. I beg you and your Community to obtain for me from her this double gift.


I send you and each one of your Sisters my best wishes for a holy, happy New Year.


Very devotedly in Xt.


+D. J. Dougherty


Iloilo, Philippines