Bishop’s House

1035 Delaware Avenue

Buffalo, N.Y.

June 14th, 1916.

Rev. Mother Beatrix of the Holy Spirit,

Carmelite Convent,

66th Ave. & York Road,

Oak Lane,

Philadelphia, Pa.


Reverend dear Mother Beatrix:


I thank you sincerely for your kind letter of June the 8th, in which you offer me your congratulations for my installation and in which you inform me of the prayers of your Community for my welfare, and in which, finally, you had the kindness to enclose a relic of the dear “Little Flower”, which I shall prize both for her and your sake.


Please to accept my sincere thanks for so much kindness and be assured that I shall be grateful to you for it.


I mislaid my own copy of the Chinese life of the “Little Flower”, so Monsignor McCloskey promised to send you his copy and he may have done so by this time. No doubt he overlooked it in the hurry and bustle which preceded his coming to Buffalo; however, I shall write to him at once and request him to please send it to you as a souvenir of our trip through China, and as a token of our affection for the dear little saint.


I beg you to give my very kindest regards to each one of your community, but I especially beg you to continue your prayers for me that my coming to this Diocese may not be disastrous to it.


Very devotedly and gratefully yours,


                              (signed) + D. J. Dougherty.

                                             Bishop of Buffalo.