J.M.+ J.T.                                           Carmel of Lisieux

July 17, 1903




My dear little Sister,


I am responding first to the letter you sent prior to this.  This popular edition you desire of the Little Flower will be made next (I hope) by Burns and Oates of London.  I cannot take this right from them.  I must admit that I would have preferred to give it to you, but let us hope that this translation will be done in the best possible way.1


My dear and much loved little Sister, pray hard for us, because the storm approaches.2  Ask Jesus to keep us as faithful and generous as the “little Queen” of His Heart.  I am going to pray for this religious, your Martina, the one that you recommend to me.3  Tell her, at any time, if you wish.  I confess that all who love Thérèse are loved by her “little Mother”.  I cannot do otherwise.


Dear little Sister, how I rejoice over these graces that you tell me about – graces obtained by the intercession of our angel!  Continue to tell me about them.  Continue especially to walk in her holy way and desire no longer to understand pages that you will only be able to read in heaven.


Ah, my dear little child, let us write like this: let us leave all the pages of our own lives to be read only in heaven.


Do not regret anything.  Thérèse will have you taste all of her secrets later on.  You will be together forever in the garden of heaven.


Sr. Agnes of Jesus, r.c.i.


Do not forget me to your dear Reverend Mother and to all the Community.


1 Sr. Stanislaus had previously requested permission of Mother Agnes to translate the book in question into English, with a view to having it published in the United States.

2 The government’s persecution of the Church in France.

3 Unknown.