October 7, 1909




My very dear little child,


I only wanted to put in a signed picture and I made a mistake on the envelope.  It only needed a 5-centime stamp.  Since I cannot take off the 10-centime one, I am simply going to add others and to recommend to you our Reverend Mother who is, so to speak, near her last moments1!  Pray for us too, my little Sister and beloved child.  Recommend our Mother and her daughters to your very good Reverend Mother.


How is she doing?  You do not give me any news, but this news interests me very much.  We have just lost a benefactor in the person of my holy uncle, Monsieur Guérin2.  Pray for him; he was a Tertiary of Carmel.


Goodbye now in Jesus, my little Stanislaus.  May His love embrace you, may He find in you the same delights that He used to find before, in the heart of Thérèse!


Your humble and poor “little mother”,

Sr. Agnes of Jesus, r.c.i.


Your order will be faithfully filled.

Thank you for having sent me the little letter “of the incense perfumes3”.

We have received the postal money order.









1 Mother Marie-Ange (Page 17, Note 2) would die on November 11, 1909.

2 Maternal uncle of the Martin sisters (Page 12, Note 3).

3Page 21, Note 2.