J.M.+ J.T.

Carmel of Lisieux

December 8, 1902




My dear little Sister1,

In spite of Advent2   I am writing these few lines to thank you for your good letter, to assure you of our prayers for the cure of the Jesuit Father3 of whom you speak and still for that of your Mother Foundress4 .

The new printing of Thérèse5 will be the same weight as the preceding ones – that is, 3.2 ounces for prints – and all the postage.

Let us prepare ourselves well, my dear little Sister, for the coming of the Divine Child Jesus into our hearts.  May our little Thérèse help us in this work that she herself knew how to do so perfectly.  Happy and holy loved one, may Jesus shower you with graces.



Your little servant,

Sister and Mother in our Jesus6.



Our dear Sister Marie of the Eucharist7 is better.  Thank you for all your good prayers and for your affection for her and for all the family of our angel.

Dear little Sister, if you would be able to write in French it would be much better.  I assure you, no one here knows English and I must have your letter translated.




J.M.+ J.T.                                           Carmel of Lisieux

  1. Sr. Stanislaus of the Blessed Sacrament (Helen Kelly), 1879-1911.  A native of Philadelphia, she entered the Carmel of Boston in 1896 and was chosen to be one of the foundresses of the Carmel of Philadelphia in 1902.  During the early years of her religious life, she read one of the first editions (in French) of the Story of a Soul, and became an ardent disciple of Sr. Thérèse.  She began communication with the Carmel of Lisieux and God used this contact as a means of spreading devotion to the “Little Flower” in the United States. 

  2. Normally, the religious in Carmel do not write letters during the sacred season of Advent. 

  3. Unknown. 

  4. Mother Gertrude of the Heart of Jesus (Gertrude McMaster), 1859-1913, the Foundress of the Carmel of Philadelphia.  She suffered from her bad health nearly all the time of these first years of the Foundation.  Sr. Stanislaus was her infirmarian. 

  5. A pamphlet about Sr. Thérèse, in English. 

  6. Unsigned; handwriting of Mother Agnes of Jesus. 

  7. Sister Marie of the Eucharist (Marie Guérin), 1870-1905, first cousin of St. Thèrése.  She entered the Carmel of Lisieux in 1895 and was one of the Novices of the Saint.