J.M.+ J.T.                                      Carmel of Lisieux

April 1, 1910




My very dear little child,


I do not forget you; may this thought always be a consolation to you since you wish to love me as a little mother, a little mother who is very heavily burdened, I assure you, and who has more time for loving than for telling it and writing it1.


You must have received the circular2 about Mother Marie-Ange and the “Shower of Roses3” Soon you will receive the “Articles of the Tribunal”4.  Thus, you will be able to follow the dear Cause … which is as precious to you as it is to us – I truly feel it is so.


How are things with you?  I do not understand English … pity my ignorance; I have no faith in the translations of my little Thérèse of the Eucharist5


Always be full of confidence in Jesus and may His love perfume all your little actions.  Never be sad “because a great joy is prepared for you and awaits you in heaven.”  Amen!  Alleluia!


May your Reverend Mother Prioress bless me and embrace you for me.


Your little mother of Lisieux,

Sr. Agnes of Jesus, r.c.i.


1 In the space of one year , 1909-10, the Carmel received 9,741 letters concerning Sr. Thérèse, and the preparations for the Diocesan Tribunal for the Ordinary=s Process (of Autumn, 1910) were going on at this time.

2 A ?circular@ is a brief account of the life and death of a religious.  It is customary in Carmel to send a circular to the other monasteries of the Order on the death of a Sister.

3 An expression used by Sr. Thérèse (see Page 13, Note 1).  This became the title of a number of volumes listing various favors obtained through her intercession, the first of which was published around this time.

4 Reports on the progress of the Tribunal that would soon go into session at the Carmel.

5A member of the Carmel of Lisieux who knew a little English.