Carmel of Lisieux

                                                                                                                                  April 20, 1923


My dear Sister Ignatius,

As you say, we are awfully busy; it is a good thing I think, otherwise we couldn’t bear the joy of the great event which will take place next Saturday.

I have no time to write at length, I come only to thank you for your kind letter and its contents.  May our Blessed little Thérèse reward all the donors.  Their intentions will be included in the novena for April 29th and I hope you will be inundated with the roses of the new Blessed.  In your letter there were two chèques, (checks) one for 121. and the other for 21.  You didn’y say for what these were sent.  I suppose they were for the native priest like the $60.  Am I mistaken?  The silver medals ½ with French inscription are missed.  The new “Histoire d’une âme,” is not yet ready.  We had an epidemic of influenza in Feb. and March and it put us very backwards with our work.  I hope the Rev. Mother Prioress is quite well now.  We will all be united to you on the 29th when, by a special permission, we will have the Mass of the new Beata offered up.  It is never allowed to have the mass of the new blessed one celebrated on the day of the beatification elsewhere than at Rome.  But, doubtless because of the sisters of Beata Therese, the Pope gave us the permission to have her Mass.  You can’t imagine how I think of Sister Stanislaus and Sr. mary in these days, they must feel special joy at the triumph of one for whose cause both of them have so much prayed and worked!

I enclose the catalog of statues.  It is quite the same for us if you get your goods from Montréal.

Please excuse this awful scribbling.  I wonder what you will think of me in reading such a rambling epistle.  You will think I lose my mind.

Wishing you all a happy feast, I remain,

Yours affectionately,

Sr. Anne of Jesus