J. M. J. T.

                                                                                                                                  Carmel of Lisieux



My dear Sister Ignatius,

It was a real feast to hear from you.  It was such a long time we had had news of our dear Sisters of Philadelphia!

Please thank your Reverend Mother for the donation she has kindly sent towards the Basilica.  Like all God’s works, it meets with many obstacles but we feel sure that in God’s time all will be well.  We would like our saint to renew the miracle she wrought for you when she sent you the money needed for your chapel.  Please ask her to do so.  In return we will ask her to help you get the property adjoining your monastery.

I was indeed very interested to hear about your dear Sister Teresita.  I thought she was a Sister like those we have at the turn here.  But lately a priest from America who came to the parlour, asked me who were these Sisters at the interior of the enclosure?  So, I told him; but he said that in the U.S. there were no such sisters.

I am very glad that Sister Teresita is now one of the Community.  Is it not the reward of her long years of untiring devotedness?  Do you let your tourières (portresses) enter in the Monastery?  Here they do not.  It is the first Portress who has charge of them, but they do not enter.

I have not forgotten dear Sisters Mary and Stanislaus on the anniversary of their departure for Heaven.  I often pray to them, for I am sure that they are very powerful with the heart of Jesus.

Many thanks for the letter enclosed in yours.  Though we receive many accounts of favors received, we will receive with pleasure those you receive yourself even if there is no medical certificate, provided there are enough details to make a complete account.

I will begin my private retreat on the 27th inst. (instant of the current month).  Please pray for me and I will do the same for you during these precious days.  When you write please give me news of your Reverend Mother Beatrice.  Give her my respect and to all the sisters especially to your dear self, my sister, affection and the assurance of our ever fervent union of prayers.