Carmel of Lisieux

August 18, 1920


My dear Sister Ignatius,

I thank you for your letter of July 23rd.  I understand perfectly that it is not easy for you to write letters for I suppose in Phila. as well as in Lisieux our little saint keeps her apostles most busy.

We received the letter of Mrs. Idell; as she said the donation of $200 was sent to you.  I awaited your own letter to acknowledge.  Now I enclose a letter for this good lady, as she told me to send it through you.  I had understood that the offering was from her, but you say it is from Mrs Smith.  I hope that Mrs. Idell will show the letter to the donor.  I sent you also a large helio and some other little souvenirs for the donor.  You will have the trouble to forward it but I had not the address of Mrs. Idell.  Off the $250 would you kindly send $100 to Mr. Gayer and the remainder here.  I enclose receipted bills up to date.  I will write to Mr. Gayer about the helios you have on hand; they are large ones (21 x 16) are they not sister?

I was surprised by your remark about the translation of The Little Way because it has been made by an Irish Carmelite who was educated in England and who is reputed as an excellent writer and translator.  Besides she understands perfectly our little saint and consequently renders her spirit admirably.

The translation of the Thoughts and of As Little Children have been made by her and these two translations as any other she has made have been found perfect by very competent and  I can say rather critical writers,  As Little Children has been edited by Fr. Taylor, but the translation was made  by the Irish Carmelite I speak of Fr. T finds she writes and translates splendidly. Of course to be faithful to render the true spirit of Soeur Thérèse she must remain French.  If you give her an English or German or Spanish character you have not Soeur Thérèse as she is.  To translate verses is not an easy task, and in order to keep the true sense – this was most important – the translator was obliged in some verse to make them less nice.

I often heard people reproach to Miss Emory to have put her soul with that of Soeur Therese in her translation of the verses.  It may have the advantage of having nicer verses but of course it is no longer our little saint as she is.

The copy of The Little way that way sent to you was offered so there is no question of payment.

I must close now in order to catch the post.  Many thanks for the prayers you said for me on July 26.  I don’t forget you are presently on retreat, and pray especially for you!  You will also be specially remembered during the novenas of Sept. please pray for Mgr. de Cerf, the Vice-Postulator of the Cause who is very ill.  We owe him much for his devotedness to the Cause.


Very sincerely yours,

Sr. Anne of Jesus