Carmel of Lisieux

July 13, 1923


My dear Sister Ignatius,

Your note of June 29th just to hand. (meaning probably ‘just in hand’).  I wish I could send you the particulars you desire, but the group above our altar was made after our Rev. Mother’s inspiration and under her supervision, yet, as it was paid by a benefactor, the model is not ours.  And to our great disappointment this benefactor does not want it to be reproduced.  He wants it to be special to the Carmel of Lisieux.  Is it not a queer idea?  I think it is and that one day he will change his mind and let reproductions be made of it.

As for the medals, relics of the bones, have you not received any?  Father Elia told us you had received one, and that all the Carmels of the U.S. had been supplied.  Please let us know the result of your application to Rome.  If necessary we will remind Fr. Rodrigo of his promise.  I hasten to close this note as the mail is going tonight and I must give my letters in a few moments.

Here in union of prayers and with best wishes,

I remain,

Dear Sister Ignatius,

yours sincerely in Christ

Sr. Anne of Jesus