No time to write a letter, dear Sister, but will write in a couple of weeks I hope.  Many thanks for your note of July 12 with the 2 checks in payment of the invoice of may 23, no. 392-393.  I wanted to acknowledge it much sooner but was so much busy that I found it impossible to do so sooner.  On Aug. 2 & 14 we had a very special remembrance of our dear Mothers and Sisters of Phila. and oh! how much we thought of your little saints – Sr. Stanislaus and Sr. Mary who must have rejoiced so much in Heaven, they worked so much for the cause!  I paid in the name of all of you a visit to the Infirmary and cell of our Venerable and on Oct 4, I did not forget dear Sister Francis there in union of prayers.


Yours very affectionately,

Sr. Anne of Jesus