Carmel of Lisieux

June 2, 1923


Dear Sister Ignatius,

It is indeed a long time that I received you kind letter and enclosure.  I did not think I would delay so much to acknowledge same, but I am sure you understand easily how my time is taken by all the extra work of the last months.

I hope you received at least the books we sent you, also the copy of the Mass.  Thus you know we are not forgetting you.  The feast of Blessed Thérèse is fixed to Sept. 30, for our Holy Order.  So your Tridium will be for her first official liturgical feast.  You will have received ere this the account of our tridium, so I will not say any more about it.

Re. the statues, the firm to whom we gave all our models would not have any made abroad; they want to survey the execution of their models.  But if you want one in marble it would cost about 7000 for no. 6, 1m.50

10500 for no. 6, 1m.80

6500 for n. 5, 1m.50

10000 for no. 5, 1m.80

in white Carrara marble.

The packing and freight is above, is fairly dear, but you have the advantage of the exchange just now.

So these statues are made to order, you could not have it before the end of the year.  But I think it is worthwhile to wait some months to get such a thing as perfect as possible.  The usual statues we have in stock are not in wood; they are in plastic.  We can have them made to order in stone, marble, brass, and bronze.

Now, dear Sister, you asked me in your letter to send you 5000 pictures like the sepia enclosed in my letter.  But I could never remember which model I sent you, so I do not dare to send you 5000 of any kind.  I am sending you 400 no. 11, (with crucifix and roses) and 100 of the apotheosis.  The pictures were not ready when I received your order but I sent the 4 gr alum medals.  The paper envelopes of earth were also missing; we will have no more of those with the wood from the cell.  The demand for relics, books, and pictures is tremendous, so we can’t arrive to have enough to satisfy every one in due time.  The new catalogue is not yet ready.

We had told Rev. Mother Beatrice that we would get a relic of the bones for your monastery, as it was already decided, but when Rev. Fr. Rodrigo came in May, he said that all the Carmels of the United States had been supplied with the said relics, and that we had not to send any.  Rev. Fr. Elia di san Ambrogio told us the same.  I hope you received the relic that has been sent to you.  If not please let it be known to Fr. Elia for he surely wants to send one of these relics to all the American Carmels, and he would be sad if you had not received yours.

I enclose a photo of our chapel during the Tridium.  With renewed thanks for the donations and payments, I remain, dear Sister Ignatius, yours affectionately in Christ,

Sr. Anne of Jesus