Carmel of Lisieux

June 25, 1926


My dear Sister Ignatius,

I thank you for the subscription for the annals.  As our money is very low, the $2. will pay for two years.

I am very sorry to hear that you suffer of your eyes and I pray that they may be cured soon.

We are very glad to know that you do not measure our affection for you by the reception we make to any of your friends, for being obliged to refuse the parlour, you would be quite mistaken.  We are obliged to be very strict, as you can easily understand.  We care so much for our life of solitude.  For the French correspondence we have the help of Carmelite tertiaries, Sisters who live quite close to us.

Daily there are pilgrimages, but we are not busy with them at all.  All is arranged with the Director of the pilgrimage who is very careful not to accept any of the time of our own exercises in the choir.  Thus our life is quite solitary.  I hope the Rev. Mother Beatrix is keeping well also all the sisters.

Your intentions will be warmly commended to our Saint and I trust that you will soon feel that she is not deaf to your solicitations.

I commend to your prayers my Dear Mother who died  a holy death on March 8th.  She was surrounded by all her children and several grand children.  I was the only one missing but I hope that our Saint was there in my place and that she introduced her direct in Heaven.  It is a great consolation for me to know there was a priest near my dear Mother, till the end.   Her absence is keenly felt by all of us, our consolation is to think that she enjoys the reward of her virtues and that soon we will join her to sing the mercies of the Lord forever.

Please give my loving respect to Rev. Mother Beatrix and Mother Prioress and to all the sisters, specially to your dear self, my sisterly affection.

Yours very sincerely in our Lord,

Sr. Anne of Jesus