Carmel of Lisieux

May 19, 1920

My dear Sister Ignatius,

I thank you for your kind letter and chèque enclosed.  All is very clearly explained.  Thanks for sending the chèque of $40. to Rev. Fr. Falaize.  Could you do the same service next time you have a chèque to send us in forwarding it to Mr. Jos. Gayer, 90, Avenue des Pins, Montreal, Canada.  You may send me the chèque which I will send to Mr. Gayer or I will send it directly.  I enclose some stamps for covering the registered postage for Father Falaize and Mr. Gayer’s chèque and for the fee of taking them.  Please tell me if there is any difficulty or expenses in sending chèques in Canada?  You had also to pay the postage on the French leaflets to Mr. Gayer.

Please when you write send me a list of the helios you have in stock and which you can’t sell.  I hope we will be able to have them disposed of by Mr. Gayer in Canada.  Then we would credit you with the sum you paid for.

Surely the amounts of favors are useful to us provided they bear a signature.  Anonymous reports are of no use because we publish only those which are signed by persons worthy of faith.

I pray in union with you for your special situation and hope you will get it if it is for your good of course.  Our little saint as you say loves our community  very much but our sisters of Phila are as much loved by her, is not your Carmel a part of ours?  Since the same spirit reigns in both houses our liittle saint is at home at Phila. as well as she is here.

We have just had the visit of the Armenia Patriarch.  He is a real saint, martyr indeed.  It is so sad to hear of all the massacres of the Armenian catholics.  There have been still massacres in February though peace is signed.  Free Masonery is under all this of course.  How much we must pray for the poor Armenians and for their pastors!  The schismatic Armenians are very ignorant and will be easily drawn in free masonery.  War is over but things are more difficult than ever.  Fortunately we are far from the sad world and though we feel its unrest in material things we are always at peace, living our life of prayer, singing always God’s mercies.

With affectionate regards and wishing you all the blessings of Whitsuntide, I remain dear Sister Ignatius,

Yours sincerely in Our Lord,

Sr. Anne of Jesus


The enclosed photos are for the 2 new novices.