Carmel of Lisieux

October 10, 1924


My Dear Sister Ignatius,

I was delighted to see your dear writing again.  It was such a long time I had heard of you. [in French de: of or from – here from is needed]  Indeed I was not very surprised for I know how busy you are and consequently that you had no time for an extra letter.  Yet I found it was a very long silence and the joy to receive your letter was all the more felt.  I thank you for the same and for the donation enclosed.

I thank you for your kind wishes for the 30th September.  Though your letter had not come for the feast I was sure you were here in spirit and I prayed our Beata to give you a nice feast day.

I am sure you had a nice celebration.  Here we had a solemn one and we hope that much good has been done in souls.  I don’t give you any details as we have sent you the “Journal des pèlerins” [Journal of pilgrims] giving the account of the feast.

We are very sorry to hear that Rev. Mother Beatrix has been so ill.  We pray that she may be left to you for many years.  I love her so much that I understand your feelings towards her.  I am sure you will not think I am too bold if I tell you that I love her as much as her own daughters do.  Please ask her to bless me and to pray for me.

Our Rev. Mother is better thank God.  Our dear Sr. M. of the Sacred Heart has just been very ill, she is still in bed, but today the doctor has declared her out of danger.  I assure you that we have been very anxious all this last week.  She was suffering from a bad form of pneumonia with complications of infection of the liver.  The Holy Father has deigned to send her by telegram, his blessings.  Needless to say that it is a great joy for our dear Sister and for all the Community.

We pray for all the intentions and hope that you will be able to finish your enclosure well before the winter.  Let us ask our Beata to come and help the workmen.

Here we will have big works to make at the shrine, to put several lamps and to arrange some new things for the Canonization; it is not easy to do such works with the continual pilgrimages coming.  Of course we will wait the end of November and December when there are less pilgrims but there are always a good number; if only we had hopes that things will be made quietly but the workmen are so scarce and they come so irregularly!  Please say a little prayer for this intention.  Our Reverend Mother to whom I join sends to your dear Rev. Mother her love and best wishes and I pray you, dear Sister, to believe your ever affectionate sister in Our Lord,

Sr. Anne of Jesus


I hope you will find occasions to write us from time to time.