Dear Women of Carmel,

I want to thank each and every one of you (present and behind the scenes) who helped prepare and serve food and clean our beloved Carmel this past Saturday. The food, as always, was excellent! Since food is one of the essential elements for the workers, the Sisters and I are extremely grateful for your generosity of time and food donations.

On behalf of all the Sisters, they want me to convey a couple of personal messages:

  1. That truly there were no words to adequately summarize their thanks and joy at the beautiful job that was done by the faithful men and women of Carmel.
  2. That each and every one of you will “always be part of their Carmelite family”. As many of you may know the Sisters believe that God directs people to Carmel — no coincidences! Having experienced the blessings and prayers of Carmel that have come to me and my family, I can tell you that we will only be able fully appreciate these gifts when we reach Heaven.

Labor Omnia Vincit! (Work Conquers All!)

Love & prayers,